My Nonna’s Milan.

I’m doing the undone and writing up a book as a series of blogs. This is the first blog  – an introduction- my Nonna’s Milan – always a good place to start!

I’m playing with the idea of an E-Book that spans the different time periods and places the book will be set it – the present, my Nonna’s memories, Milan in 2013, Milan in the past, London – but for now I’m experimenting with tagging.

Most of the early action centres around my Nonna – once a seamstress – mending a silk dress. You can get the low-down on all dress-related scenes here.

You can read all context-related posts here, for some background.

If you just want to read her memories from the past, check our HerStory.

If you want to hear all about me-me-me, check out MyStory.

Similarly, posts tagged Author’s note are all about me trying to figure out how the translation works.

Have fun!

About gaiamarcus

Hi, Welcome to this little internet slice of me. I do a lot of work around social networks - not the Facebook kind - human rights and what to do to ensure that people can fulfil their full potential. I'm the social networks analysis 'expert' at the RSA, and tend to have a couple of pet projects on the side: currently Social Mirror and Edgeryders. I cook real good, sing real loud, and frequently contemplate when on earth I shall bite the bullet and return to my beloved trapeze.

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