New Donnedure post- from small-holder to seamstress

My new Donnedure post looks into how my Nonna went from living in a small-holding family in the Venetian countryside, to a seamstress’ assistant in Milan.

It picks off just after her father dies –

‘And so, how did you all end up in Milan?’

‘Ah, well. So, nonna was young and she was a beautiful woman, she started having men who were… hanging around…

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Sewing by Cassie McKown from the Noun Project

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Hi, Welcome to this little internet slice of me. I do a lot of work around social networks - not the Facebook kind - human rights and what to do to ensure that people can fulfil their full potential. I'm the social networks analysis 'expert' at the RSA, and tend to have a couple of pet projects on the side: currently Social Mirror and Edgeryders. I cook real good, sing real loud, and frequently contemplate when on earth I shall bite the bullet and return to my beloved trapeze.

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