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I currently manage Centrepoint’s Youth Homelessness Databank, which aims to provide the youth homelessness sector with sustainable ways of measuring its scale, impact and outcomes.

Past me said:

I do a lot of work around people’s social connections, their human rights, and what to do to ensure that people can fulfill their full potential. I’m the social networks analysis ‘expert‘ at the RSA, and tend to have a couple of pet projects on the side: currently Social Mirror – now very much a real project – and the thoughtmenu.  Have a look-see at what we did when mapping Edgeryders.

My focus is examining the role of social networks in building resilient, in-control communities; in promoting mental well-being; and in building human capabilities in everything from education to social entrepreneurship.

Previously I worked for the Space Makers Agency where projects included facilitating online networks to produce tangible offline projects and change, and helping get the awesome Brixton Village project off the ground.

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